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The New Jersey Concrete & Aggregate Association

The primary purpose of this Association is to promote ready mix concrete and aggregates. To secure, classify, and disseminate information concerning standards, specifications, and other matters of concern to association members.


To aid in the production of uniformly clean and sound aggregate, quality, concrete and provide a means by which the members of the ready mixed concrete and aggregates industry may coordinate their efforts in the handling of problems of mutual concern.


To protect and advance the various interests of the ready mixed concrete and aggregate industry.


To represent and act for the industry before all divisions of government, public, and private organizations whose work affects the ready mixed concrete and aggregate industry.


To carry on market promotions programs designed to improve and advance the use of the products in the concrete and aggregate industry.


To develop and maintain relationships with universities and colleges.


To represent the industry before the technical and professional societies.


To assist the membership in improving their safety, health, and environmental stewarship.


To provide services for the industry where group action is the more effective method.

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