Accomplishments of the NJCAA



  • Lobbied successfully to exempt Sand, Stone and Gravel Concrete and Asphalt Plants from highlands commission, saving members 2.4 billion dollars.


  • Lobbied successfully to expand Recycled Asphalt Pavement use for reclamation in quarries. 


  • Successfully lobbied to have natural gas truck weight limits increased to further promote the use of these vehicles. 


  • Created an amendment, which ensured that Ultra Thin White topping is considered a remedy for maintenance and repairs. Created an amendment that requests life cycle analysis by the NJDOT on pavement surfaces.


  • First in the country to successfully lobby to include a $35,000 appropriation for educating children on the importance of mined material. 


  • Placed the first NJDOT ultra-thin concrete overlay in New Jersey.


  • Worked with members of the State Planning Commission to designate mining as an economic development need in PA 3, 4, and 5 areas.


  • Successfully lobbied to change the weights and measures law affecting our members.


  • Worked with NJDOT to come up with ready-mixed concrete specifications that will reduce penalties for suppliers on NJDOT work.


  • Lobbied for the appropriation of $145 million from the Statewide Transportation and Local Bridge Fund to be allocated for grants to each of New Jersey’s 21 counties to repair or rebuild structurally deficient bridges.


  • Successfully lobbied to amend the Route 29 truck ban legislation to exclude ready-mixed concrete.


  • Lobbied to place energy efficiency language in school construction package.


  • Grown membership to over 120 producer and associate members.


  • Developed the first Concrete & Aggregate Political ActionCommittee to support candidates for state and local officials.


  • Developed a group stormwater permit application for members in the ready-mixed concrete industry.


  • Represent the industry before the Pinelands Commission.


  • Filed "Friends of the Court" briefs on behalf of member quarries.


  • Established a clearinghouse for legal issues affecting the aggregates industry.

  • Membership growth to over 85 producer and association members. 


  •  Actively promoted various ready-mixed concrete.


  • Developed a separate group stormwater permit application for members in the ready-mixed concrete industry. 


  • Co-sponsors the Annual Concrete Awards Dinner

  • Actively involved with the State Development and Redevelopment Plan.


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